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The different Pallets:

Air freight pallets are platforms made of aluminum alloys. They are not made of wood like those dedicated to road transport.

Aluminium alloys are materials that are much safer for air cargo transportation. 

The freight is stored on the pallet and then wrapped using plastic wrap or mesh.

The most popular pallets for shipping air freight are the so-called “10ft”, “20ft” and “30ft” pallets.

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P1P flat pallet with net Size: 317 x 223 x 162 cm Payload: 4521 kg


PGA 20-ft flat pallet with net Size: 605 x 243 x 243 cm Payload: 10,840 kg

PLA Half Pallet

PLA half pallet with net Size: 317 x 153 x 162 cm Payload: 3084 kg

PMC/P6P Pallet

P6P 10-ft flat pallet with net Size: 317 x 243 x 299 cm Payload: 5000 kg

Bulk Freight

Bulk refers to goods which are not packed or secured. In the field of air freight, bulk refers mainly to bulky cargoes of boxes or packages. These goods are stored in the cargo hold thanks to nets attached to both the walls and the ground.