Why Choose Premier Global Air Freight And Cargo Agency for your Air Freight

Premier Global Air Freight And Cargo Agency is equipped with technology that can locate all cargo aircraft around the world. We have access to a large fleet of aircraft to meet your needs.

Our team of charter specialists are trained in air freight procedures. We regularly attend training courses to keep abreast of developments in international air freight transportation regulations.

At Premier Global Air Freight And Cargo Agency, we are committed to providing personalized support to each of our customers. We will make your freight transport as easy as possible, and offer you the most economical and secure solution.

Contact us anytime for advice and a personalized quote. Our team is available 24/7 to give advices. 

What are the Advantages of Chartering a Cargo Aircraft for Air Freight?


Chartering a cargo aircraft for your freight is the option that guarantees the fastest delivery. A dedicated aircraft allows you to avoids the time constraints of freight airlines and shipping lines. At Menkor Aviation, we dispatch a cargo aircraft in just a few hours.


With a freighter, you can have your goods delivered on the date, time and to the airport you wish. While cargo airlines only serve large logistics platforms, we dedicate a plane to deliver your freight as close as possible to its final destination. We even have the possibility to charter a helicopter for the last kilometers.

Global Coverage

At Menkor Aviation, we have a unique technology that allows us to locate all cargo aircraft in the world in real time. We find the plane that best suits your freight. Our team has already provided air freight delivery to destinations such as the United Arab Emirates, Mauritius, China, Madagascar, Taiwan and Reunion. No matter where you are, we find a solution for you.


Chartering a cargo plane for air freight also ensures that your goods are delivered safely. Our team is careful to ensure that all measures are taken to avoid theft, damage and loss of your freight. Your air freight is carried more safely.

Money Saving

The most economical option for shipping air freight is often to charter a cargo aircraft. The cost of a turboprop type aircraft can sometimes be much cheaper than using a large cargo airline. At Menkor Aviation, we are aware of the cost of a cargo aircraft and we are committed to providing you with the most economical solutions.

What is the Price of a Charter Cargo Aircraft for Air Freight?

The cost of chartering a cargo plane can go up to all. It depends on your needs and the solutions needed to meet them.

Many factors influence the price of air freight: the type, size and weight of your freight, the aircraft needed to transport it, the departure and arrival airports, or the countries to fly over.

In addition, the closer the cargo aircraft is to your freight departure airport, the more economical the air freight rate will be. 

At Premier Global Air Freight And Cargo Agency, we are committed to finding you the most economical solution. Our goal is to minimize additional costs while providing the most suitable aircraft for each air freight mission.